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MF Recommends: Space Ghost

To music heads in Oakland, the name Space Ghost should be fairly recognizable at this point. The DJ, producer, and promoter has become a staple to the city’s soul/funk/boogie music scene through his Late Feelings DJ collective and monthly party at Starline Social Club.

Behind the scenes, Space Ghost has quietly been releasing new age electro-funk tracks inspired by late 80’s synths combined with a modern blend of hip-hop and house rhythms. His most recent album Endless Light appears on Copenhagen’s Tartlet Records as a full length 12 track LP that released on vinyl just this April. The label’s Bandcamp page pens the album as, “a record with an open hand: an instantly appealing sound from a new producer with a highly-tuned ear. Born of his collection of antique synths and drum machines, the Space Ghost experience channels a deep heritage of 1980s funk minimalism and analogue boogie. Velvet pads, hood-rat sleaze, and heaped spoonful’s of soul.” If that description isn’t enough to stir your curiosity then check out our top picks from the album!

After a full listen the album comes off as a journey through analog synthesis that takes the forms of a beat tape and house record mixed together. The first track “Cosmic Cave” sets the mood for the record with a sound bath of soft synth pads and organic wind chimes.

Following in its wake is “Color Waves”, a melancholic ride of synth lines that flutter through alternating hip-hop and house style drum patterns offering a taste of the flavors to come in the rest of the album. “Endless Light” presents the albums strongest house vibes with dreamy pads and a grooving bass line that bounces over shuffling lo-fi hi-hats. As with most of his productions, Space Ghost avoids the cliché bait and switch of builds and drops commonly found in dance music and instead offers space for listeners to appreciate the texture and depth of his productions.


The appropriately named “After Hours While It Rains Outside” is the perfect interlude halfway through the album. This soft number mimics the opening track, forgoing any sort of percussion and instead opting for samples of falling rain to support swelling synths chords and a rainy day melody. The rest of the album is an enjoyable journey through introspective electro funk that feels just perfect for both home listening and long road trips to new destinations.


You can purchase the album on Tartlet Records while supplies last! Make sure to follow Space Ghost to keep up to date on new releases and events.

Space Ghost:


Late Feelings:

Late Feelings:

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