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Interview: Regularfantasy

Regularfantasy, aka Olivia Meek, is a musician & dj based out of Vancouver. Her aesthetic can be summed up as “21st century petroleum based culture,” which is actually the basis for the name of one of her musical collaborations, Plush Throw. The humor and satire of her Regularfantasy persona hide tasty leftfield productions, which are regularly shared on Soundcloud and hint at finding the sweet spot between headphones and the dance floor. Her recent band Ciao (w/ Void Mirror) is a continuation of her productions, but re-imagined as live compositions with influences from genres such as Italo and New Beat. With a handful of feature releases on labels such as Pacific Rhythm, Genero, and Heart to Heart, Olivia is just getting started on her musical journey.


Kevin Gabriel Wettstein — the brains behind musical projects Melodiesinfonie, Delakeyz, and Boyoom Connective — has a contagious sort of energy. But you don’t have to meet him to understand this; his passion and positivity are best understood in the context of his jazzy, soul-infused electronic beats. To truly understand Wettstein, you simply have to listen.